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Wellness Corner - Productivity Tips

At CMAC Transportation, we believe taking employee well-being seriously helps improve operations of the entire business. We're a small, family business and our associates are more than just numbers. The CMAC Wellness Corner contains tips and information on small lifestyle changes we can all make to be a little healthier.


Give Your Productivity and Concentration a Boost

We all feel better after a long day if we know we have accomplished what we set out to. Try these tips and keep these strategies in mind next time you’re “in a rut”.

Spend a few minutes outside.

According to research, being outdoors stimulates our brain and can help reactivate concentration.


Rethink your environment. There are small simple changes you can make to your workspace to improve concentration. Remove distractions, stay organized, and keep things you reference often close at hand.


Try “Brain Training” This is basically the idea of exercising your mind to improve your brain function - try playing a puzzle game on your phone instead of scrolling through social media for a little while in the evening.


Good Sleep and Healthy Diet

Almost every health and wellness resource on the internet recommends good sleep habits and a healthy diet to improve your wellness. When people don’t get enough sleep, their reaction signs weaken, they’re inattentive and don’t respond as well to environmental signs. Getting more sleep can help your brain function better, improve your mood, and help your immune system.



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