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Eating Healthy Without Breaking the Bank

The fact is, if you aren’t looking to increase your grocery budget, it is hard to choose healthy options over-processed food. Making a plan and a food budget, and sticking to it can help you implement a healthy diet and lifestyle, without burning a hole in your wallet:

Tips to Help You Plan and Stick With Your Food Budget

Make a shopping list and stick to it.

This will help you avoid impulse choices and allow you to stay within your budget and make healthy decisions.

Shop Around the Outer Aisles

Outer aisle tend to contain fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and meat while inner aisles contain more processed food, snacks, sugary cereal and the like.

Shop In-Season

Higher prices on fruits and vegetables often mean an item is out of season, rather than indicating anything about quality.

Consider Store Brands

Many generic brand products are the same quality, and even the same formula, as brand name goods, at a lower price.


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