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CMAC Veterans: Curt Cole

CMAC Safety Supervisor, Curt Cole, has been a member of the CMAC Team since June 2011. As Safety Supervisor, Curt is responsible for investigating traffic accidents, reviewing dashcam video, setting up Vertical Alliance monthly training, assisting with training on Hours of Service, monitoring SpeedGauge for speeding violations, assisting with road tests, supervising the driver trainers, and counseling drivers on violations as it relates to the FMCSR or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Curt is also one of the many veterans employed by CMAC. He served in the United States Air Force from 1984 to 1992, reaching the rank of SSGT Staff Sargent.

Curt was a member of the REDHORSE unit of the Air Force. REDHORSE Squadrons are the USAF’s heavy construction units. With combat engineering capabilities similar to Navy Seabees and Army heavy construction organizations, REDHORSE provides the Air Force with a highly mobile civil engineering response force to support contingency and special ops worldwide.

REDHORSE stands for:

  • Rapid

  • Engineering

  • Deployable

  • Heavy

  • Operational

  • Repair

  • Squadron

  • Engineer

REDHORSE Units provide the Air Force with a highly mobile civil engineering response force to support contingency and special ops worldwide. They provide heavy repair capability and construction support when requirements exceed normal base civil engineering capabilities and where US Army support is not readily available.

REDHORSE Wartime Responsibilities:

  • Provide highly-mobile, rapidly deployable civil engineering response force that is self-sufficient to perform heavy damage repair required for recovery of Air Force facilities and utility systems, and aircraft launch recovery

  • Accomplishes engineer support for bed down of weapon systems required to initiate and sustain operations in an austere bare-base environment including remote hostile locations or locations in a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives (CBRNE) prone environment

REDHORSE Peacetime Responsibilities:

  • Train for contingency and wartime operations

  • Participate regularly in Joint Chiefs of Staff and major command exercises

  • Military Operations other than war

  • Civic Action Programs

  • Perform training projects that assist base construction efforts while honing wartime skills

REDHORSE Special Capabilities:

  • Water-well drilling

  • Explosive demolition

  • Aircraft arresting system installation

  • Quarry Operations

  • Concrete mobile operations

  • Material Testing

  • Expedient facility erection

  • Concrete and asphalt paving


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