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CMAC Featured in Ford Entercom Spotlight Celebration

Last fall, Entercom Radio launched a significant program with Ford in Detroit celebrating and honoring various local businesses. This program celebrates those who are, and those who have not stopped working hard to support our cities in unique ways. Entercom and Ford shared these uplifting stories across each and every one of the Entercom radio stations in Detroit during the months of November and December.

CMAC Transportation was honored to be selected as a featured company in November when they focused on celebrating the military and veterans.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 1/27) at 7:00 PM, tune in live to the Livestream Entercom Spotlight Awards in Detroit showcasing CMAC and the 9 other local organizations featured.

The 45-minute show is the culmination of the first multi-market Ford content program highlighting all the companies and organizations in Atlanta, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Kansas City, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. It showcases each of 80 different organizations Entercom and Ford featured on-air from September through January presented by Ford.


The Entercom Spotlight Celebration Livestream is tomorrow - WEDNESDAY (1/27) at 7PM EST on Click here to access the live stream feed.

To view the video online, click here.


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