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CMAC 2020 Virtual Food Drive

CMAC Transportation values the opportunity to give back to those in need each year during the holiday season. CMAC is proud to launch our first-ever Virtual Food Drive, giving the opportunity for members of the CMAC community to help those who may be going hungry this holiday season. In a year that has been trying for so many, we feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to pay it forward as 2020 comes to a close.

We have set a goal of raising $1,000 between now and December 11. Through our fundraising, Gleaners will be able to provide 3,000+ meals for members of the Southeast Michigan Community struggling with hunger.


Virtual Food Drives offer a safe way for organizations to make the same impact as a traditional drive during COVID-19, while also allowing us to expand the opportunity to help out to our extended community with a single link.

To make a donation, visit the CMAC Virtual Food Drive website page. From there, you will be able to choose different food items to donate and purchase your items from the Virtual Gleaners Grocery and checkout like you would from any online store to complete your donations.

With Gleaners’ bulk purchasing power and efficient distribution network, you can provide 3 meals for every dollar donated to help reach children, seniors, veterans, and other neighbors in need.


Gleaners exists to “provide households with access to sufficient, nutritious food and related resources.

Headquartered in Detroit, Gleaners operates five distribution centers in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and Monroe counties and provides food to more than 500 partner soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and other agencies throughout southeast Michigan. Each year, Gleaners distributes more than 45 million pounds of food to neighbors in need! This results in an average of 100,000 meals distributed each day to families in need across our region. Gleaners also provides nourishing food and nutrition education to more than 200,000 children a year. Every dollar donated provides three meals and 92 cents of every donated dollar goes to food and food programs.

Hunger is on the rise - 778,000 members of the Southeast Michigan community will face food insecurity and 1 in 4 children will struggle with hunger in the months ahead. Your donation directly impacts those members of our own community.

Food Distribution

Gleaners is a vital link between available food and those who need it most. Local and national food producers often have surplus products that go to waste for lack of a way to safely and efficiently bring it to market. Gleaners has developed efficient, reliable methods for handling a tremendous volume of donated food, as well as the fresh produce they purchase to ensure those they serve have access to a variety of healthy, nutritious food.

Gleaners' partner agencies face tight budgets and increasing demand for services. With five distribution centers across southeast Michigan, Gleaners is devoted to getting surplus food and donate items directly to our partners, saving their organizations time and money so they can focus on better serving their communities. Together with their partners, they are increasing the amount of vital, emergency food available to our hungry neighbors and building capacity for service organizations to make an even greater impact in the fight against hunger.


First, Go to the CMAC Fundraiser's home page on Gleaners. (click here)

**This is super important - In order for your contribution to be counted towards CMAC's fundraiser you *must* make your donation from our page:

Scroll down, and choose the items you wish to purchase for donation. You can also choose to go directly to checkout and make a monetary donation.

You can see your cart total in the top right hand corner of the page. Once you're ready, click "go to cart" in the top right hand corner or at the bottom of the grocery selection page.

Complete the check-out form just like you would any online purchase.

Under the drop-down menu for "Select a team for your donation," employees should choose CMAC Associates; if you are not an associate please choose "CMAC Community".

*Optional: If you would like, enter a cash amount to add on to your gift. For every $1 donated, Gleaners is able to provide 3 meals for those in need.

To learn more about Gleaners, visit or


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